In love with a gorilla

Can I please meet this gorilla? (Robin Williams would be a fun bonus on the side too!)



Today I was enchanted by this video below. The clip was sent to me by a friend in San Fransisco… He is just so very cool and genuine – just like this:

the Keys to my heart


I will see Alicia Keys live for the first time in my life today. Needless to say that I am so-very-happy about it, since she was one of those inspirational singers to me when I started singing back in the day. And she still is.

(…And the video above is pretty darn cute too.)

I am gonna see Mrs. Keys tonight here in Helsinki, at Flow Festival. If you are not from around here, I can just tell you it’s a big music festival and a all-in-all major event here in Helsinki, happening once a year. Check it our here.

pic: Pinterest (sadly uncredited)

poem me my dear


Tonight I am enchanted by spoked word artistry…


Suvi Valkonen is a finnish master of spoken word.

Here she is, doing her thang:


This clip is also pretty darn amazing:



Enchanted tip #2: Listen to some spoken word poetry and be amazed.

Or if you want to read a good old fashioned written poem, here is one of my favorites:





enchantment in the fairytale forest


Today’s enchantment comes from the pic below.


No photoshop of any kind, just the amazingness of the Finnish forest! (well there was a smoke machine there cause it was a tv shoot… but still – magical!)

Enchanted tip #1:

Go outside, run in the forest, skip through some fields, ride ya bike in the park. 

Let’s begin.

Hi, my name is Viola and this is my new blog Everyday Enchantment.


This blog is a mixture of all the things I find amazingly cool in life… And just the cool life itself.


(below you see one thing I found cool recently)


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Peace and lettuce.